Founded by a group of women from diverse backgrounds, ages, economic status and races, we aim to empower queer women with a two-pronged approach to encourage dialogue within our community and to educate by informing the public.

Our name was inspired by Giti Thadani's book, Sakhiyani, where the author gives the ancient myth of 'Sayoni' an unique interpretation, regarding it as a symbol of relationship and sexual play between women, and as mythological evidence that queerness was very much a part of ancient civilisation.

Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina / womb / origin of life. The 'sa' prefix denotes the joint existence of two yonis, hence Sayoni is an ancient name for the unique concept of the two revolving yonis of Ushasa-naktam, a pair of cosmic twin goddesses mentioned in the text of Rig Veda. They are regarded as so deeply intertwined that even their yonis revolve around each another. Separately, these deities are known as Ushas and Nakra.

To us, the word is a fitting representation of female rights and sexuality, often suppressed and ignored in Asian societies. Our logo is a reflection of our goal, with two petals symbolising Sayoni, the embodiment of the spirit of a confident, modern woman-loving woman.