PHLthy: Pups & Mid-Atlantic Leather Women!

Pups, leather women, leather queers and other groups might make up a smaller part of the leather scene than others; but we're fierce, we're filthy, and we're ready to love and rage TOGETHER!

In May, the Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman and Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack are staging a consensual invasion: We're teaming up with the producers of PHLthy Pups, the monthly Philadelphia pup & pet play night to bring you a fun, playful, sexy bar night for EVERYONE! Bring your gear, your hoods, your boots, or your lipstick: We want you to PHL YOURSELF.

Beginners and those curious about pet play are always welcome every third Saturday for this monthly mosh. Gear is not required, just come as you are and play with us! We've got the mats, the toys, and now a BALL PIT!

PHLthy Pups is a space for everyone: no racism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, or bullshit will be tolerated. This is a safe space!

You can also feel free to wag around with us at the bar after the mosh!


2019年 7月18日,19:00


206 S Quince Street
PA 19107  Philadelphie
PhiladelphieRUFFHOUSE PHL - July 6th2019年10月 6日,22:00(男同性恋, 熊 俱乐部/夜总会)
俱乐部/夜总会 / 男同性恋, 熊  

2019年10月 6日,22:00
The Bike Stop (Philadelphie)


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