HARDER NYC- Keenan Orr + Sprklbb

We’re back from our summer break and we super excited to have everyone joining us once again at 3DB for lots of dancing and cruising

Who’s ready to go HARDER ?

"HARDER is the party that continues the tradition of New York’s gay underground nightlife.

Throbbing house, techno, and dark disco beats fills the dark and intimate space where the hardcore party crowd comes together and leaves it all on the dance floor"

Music by : SPRKLBB

Keenan Orr (DC)

Door : Alissa Brianna

Don’t forget to rsvp on the SCRUFF app so you can see who else is going to the party and to win a special gift

HARDER in NYC. it’s always on the second Friday of the month

HARDER is a underground dance party for everyone no matter what your age, gender, sexuality, or fetishes may be. The only rule is to treat everyone with respect. Any trans-, homophobia, body shaming, sexism, racism or other form of disrespect will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the party.

Please refrain from taking any pictures or to using your phone inside the club so everyone can have a full and true underground experience (if you must text or use the phone please don't do it on the dance floor).

Make sure to join our mailing list: hardernyc@gmail.com

组织者 Harder




3 Dollar Bill
260 Meserole Street
NY 11206  Brooklyn

3 Dollar Bill
260 Meserole Street
NY 11206  Brooklyn

San FranciscoHARDER at F8 1192 Folsom Friday - DJ TEETH(Berlin)2019年10月27日,22:00(男同性恋 俱乐部/夜总会)
HARDER at F8 1192 Folsom Friday - DJ TEETH(Berlin)
俱乐部/夜总会 / 男同性恋  

F8 1192 Folsom (San Francisco)

Washington D.C.HARDER DC- Tommy Cornelis+DJ TEETH (Berlin)2019年10月 4日,22:30(男同性恋 俱乐部/夜总会)
HARDER DC- Tommy Cornelis+DJ TEETH (Berlin)
俱乐部/夜总会 / 男同性恋  

2019年10月 4日,22:30
U Street Music Hall (Washington D.C.)

BrooklynHARDER - Stathis+Mike Swells2019年10月 8日,22:30(男同性恋 俱乐部/夜总会)
HARDER - Stathis+Mike Swells
俱乐部/夜总会 / 男同性恋  

2019年10月 8日,22:30
3 Dollar Bill (Brooklyn)