Azlans Kit Launch Party 2019

We've had a makeover!

Join the Azlans this Saturday, 14 July at Maverick Belfast for the reveal of our new playing kit. Our look may be changing but as a team we are still commited to equality, respect, teamwork and inclusive development rugby in Northern Ireland. Our team will be happy to answer any questions about the team, training or playing opportunities.

Jon our team and see if rugby is for you!

#Azlans #MaverickBelfast #InclusiverugbyNI #OphirRFC #TeamOphir #NewKit


2019年 6月14日,18:00


1 Union Street
BT1 2JK  贝尔法斯特

1 Union Street
BT1 2JK  贝尔法斯特

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