Glad Day Drag Bingo!

Every third Saturday of the month, join our drag performers and bingo caller Glittur Dunn for a night of music, food, performances, prizes and fun at GLAD DAY DRAG BINGO!

We spin the bingo cage on a rotating line-up of kings, queens, and performers for a queer-positive, inclusive, and affirming evening. Doors at 6:30pm for pre-show, drinks, and food - performances and games begin at 7pm!

Seats at tables are $15, seats at the bar are free.

Bingo cards are free.

In addition to being the world's longest surviving LGBTQ bookstore, Glad Day is also a full-service bar stocked with a range of craft beers on tap and with a complete range of dinner options - so join us for comfort food, a pint or cocktail (or three!) and a night of queer joy!

Drag show tickets available here:

All funds raised from the drag show goes towards LGBTQ-focused charities and non-profits.


2019年 7月18日,19:00


499 Church St.
ON M4Y 2C6  多伦多
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Glad Day Drag Bingo!
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2019年 7月15日,19:00
Glad Day Bookshop (多伦多)

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Glad Day Bookshop (多伦多)

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2019年 3月26日,15:30
Glad Day Bookshop (多伦多)


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