Weekly Thursday Run with Frontrunners Toronto!

Thursday evening runs are our quite popular runs. We usually have around 5-10 runners or more during warmer season.

Most of our regular members do not bother RSVP-ing. You can just show up without RSVP and join our run, but do message us for your first run with us, so we can let the run leader know.

Meet and greet on Thursday at 6pm to start run at 6:15pm inside or just outside of The 519 Community Centre on Church Street. Location is 5-mins walk from Wellesley Station. Car parking locations nearby. Bag drop is available at the community centre.

Some of us run 5km, and some 7-10km or more. From the 519 through Rosedale, the Ravines, and back to the 519 on Church Street.

Runners of all abilities and fitness levels, genders (Yes! Women welcome! Cisgender, Transgender, Non-binary), sexualities (queer-centered, but straight-friendly), ages, and nationalities are welcome. Come join us and feel free to bring friends you'd like to run with.

组织者 Toronto Front Runners


2020年 6月 2日,18:00


The 519
519 Church Street
ON M4Y 2C9  多伦多

The 519
519 Church Street
ON M4Y 2C9  多伦多

多伦多Weekly Tuesday Run with Frontrunners Toronto!2020年 6月 7日,18:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
Weekly Tuesday Run with Frontrunners Toronto!
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2020年 6月 7日,18:00
The 519 (多伦多)


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