GenderQueer Community Group


11/4 - Crafting Social: Gratitude Garlands

12/2 - Topic: End of Year Reflections

1/6 - Crafting Social: Vision Boards

2/3 - Topic: Self Care

Gender Queer is a gathering which provides gender queer individuals and allies a safe space for open dialogue, connection and information on the topic of non-binary gender and identity. We welcome those that are gender queer and would like to build support and friendships with other individuals who identify as gender queer. Additionally, we welcome allies to open their hearts and ears to the experiences of those that are gender queer while providing a safe space to ask questions and learn. Your stories and questions are welcome. There is no pressure to share, we welcome all levels of participation.

In This Group We:

-welcome each other as chosen family

-honor each other's stories with non-judgement and confidentiality

-celebrate genuine curiosity and exploration

Gender Queer meets the 1st Monday of each month from 7PM-8PM at the LGBT Center (946 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803). Parking is available on Mills or on the streets of neighborhood behind the Center. The front desk will tell you what room we are in for the day, tell them you are there for "Gender Queer".

Gender Queer is made possible thanks to a collaboration between the Elar Institute and Peer Support Space. The group is facilitated by Tisse Mallon, a gender queer human committed to connection and belonging.


2020年 7月 6日,19:00


946 N Mills Avenue
FL 32803  Orlando

The Center Orlando
946 N Mills Avenue
FL 32803  Orlando

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