Hike Sitges - Parc del Garraf With Bears

Let's come enjoy walking to countryside with bears :)

Meet-up: Monday 09/02/2019 at 10:00am in front the Renfe station Sitges with an one way train ticket to Garraf.

We go by train (departure 10:15am) to the station Garraf (arrival 10:23am), then walk through hills of Parc del Garraf - Catalunya back to Sitges.

You need: a biiig bottle of drinking water (2-3 liters) and something to eat. Good shoes are necessary, at least outdoor sandals - please don't go in flip-flops.

There are not any kiosks along the way.

Path: ~14km, challenging, paved and unpaved roads, forest terrain, hilly terrain

Map: en.mapy.cz/s/2udpS

Leader: Pavel Růžička, tel: +420 603 416 974

This unofficial event is contribution to the official Bears Sitges Week


组织者 Prague Bears


2019年10月 2日,10:00


Renfe Sitges
Plaça Eduard Maristany
08870  锡切斯

Renfe Sitges
Plaça Eduard Maristany
08870  锡切斯

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