Berlin Bruisers BashAbout 2018

The third Biennial BashAbout is ON. August 25th and 26th.

This year with added; 'Women' !!!

Same clinic, same concept, same Barabrian mayhem, same drinking, same hangovers, same dates (nearly!), same registration fee, same Berlin ... but different in that WOMEN are encouraged to join us and will be integrated into the teams and play alongside the men. This changes everything .... Be afraid ... be very AFRAID !

组织者 Berlin Bruisers




Stadion Buschallee
Hansastrasse 182
13088  柏林
柏林Sunday Open Training2018年 1月28日,13:00(男同性恋, 双性恋 体育运动)
Sunday Open Training
体育运动 / 男同性恋, 双性恋  

2018年 1月28日,13:00
Park am Gleisdreieck (柏林)


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