Grief - Stonewall Archives Film Series

GRIEF (1993) - the final film in the 2019 Stonewall Archives Film Series. Written and Directed by Richard Glatzer. Starring Alexis Arquette, Jackie Beat, Craig Chester, and Illeana Douglas.

GRIEF played in the second annual ImageOut Film Festival and was an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance.


We spend a week in the L.A. offices where the daytime TV show "The Love Judge" is written and produced. Jo, the show's large and loud producer, announces she is leaving the show in two weeks. Paula (driven and on Prozac) and Mark (gay and moody) compete for Jo's job. Mark, coming onto the first anniversary of the death from AIDS of the love of his life, is attracted to Bill, who claims to be straight. Meanwhile, Jeremy, a close friend of Mark's, is putting the moves on Bill. Leslie, Jo's overworked assistant, tells Mark she wants to be a writer (she even has a script written). Relationships that combine work and friendship play out in GRIEF, a comedy written and directed by Richard Glazer.

Richard Glatzer directed The Fluffer (ImageOut 2001) Quinceañera (2006) and Still Alice (2014) with his husband Wash Westmoreland.


The Out Alliance, Shoulders to Stand On Program, and ImageOut present films from the early years of the ImageOut Film Festival.

The first film festival was held during the Pink Flamingos and

Purple Hearts Convention in 1990. Larry Champoux. ImageOut Founder, put together a series of films using a 16 mm projector.

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Out Alliance
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