Pride is For Everyone 2019 - 27 Hour Party - Alternative Pride


Nark Magazine and Bottom Forty present our biggest party of the year, featuring 2 stages, 3 levels, a bevy of local art, installation, kink, fetish, demos and 27 consecutive hours of dance brought to you by some of the best this beautiful and amazing city has to offer in a one-time only space.

This is a pride party for everyone, everybody and every body, because love and dance floors are not exclusive, dress to the high heavens or leave your materials behind, this is a SAFE space for all walks of life.

This party is a rebellion against the aspects of nightlife that do not commonly involve the hard working local talent of all genders, shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds!

This party will raise funds for the Alternative Pride Community Donation.

This party needs you, so please hit the invite button and send this along to your friends. This is round four of this legendary event.

♫♫ Your DJ Lineup ♫♫ (( -- Set Times Below -- ))

FEMANYST (Lady Blacktronika, Berlin)

BOTTOM FORTY (Nark, Sappho, Drake, Pavone, Hyasynth)




SHARLESE (TUF, Studio 4/4, Audiodrome)


RECESS (Shameless)



Mz arTiz


:: Installation and Design by ::

Link Leisure (Vancouver)

:: Hosted by ::

Robinson, Dolce Vida, Bucket (Scott Britt), Cody James + More TBA

:: Dancer Squad ::

Brandon Hill-Rogers, Derek Flora, Carol Fifer, Ruby Mimosa, Saira Barbaric, Justin Fairley, Christopher Darling

:: Documentation ::

Roman Robinson / Nark Magazine

:: Accessibility ::

Bottom Floor Accessible, Please contact if you have accessibility issues for a discounted ticket


This is part of the Nark Magazine Alternative Pride Festival Weekend, a limited number of weekend passes to all events are available here

Tickets to Pride is for Everyone specifically are available here:

Part of all proceeds benefit the Alternative Pride Community Donation

LIMITED number of tickets will be sold in advance to expedite entry, the rest will be saved for the door


SATURDAY 6.29.19 - Sunday 6.30.19

“Nark Bar" (aka GRIM's)

5pm Saturday thru 8pm Sunday

gay/straight/curvy/wavvy/butch/queer/femme/daddy/dancer/prancer/romancer/gendered/nongendered/leather/lace/dom/sub/reckless/careful/pup/handler/cat/leashed/unleashed/horse/unicorn/raver/saver/mythical creature/standard creature/critters/otter/bear/bird/rabbit/furry/loner/center of attention/artist/admirer/all are welcome



<< In The Loft >>

5pm Julie Herrera

7pm Pavone

9pm T.Wan

11pm Nark

1am Femanyst / Lady Blacktronika

5am Drake

7am thEO

9am Succubass


1pm Sappho

3pm Sharlese

5pm Kadeejah Streets

<< On the Ground Floor >>

11pm Hyasynth

1am Sean Majors

3am Wesley Holmes

5am Recess

Organizado por Nark Magazine

Quando ?

Sáb, 29 junho 2019 17:00-20:00

Onde ?

1512 11th Ave
1512 11th Ave
WA 98122  Seattle

1512 11th Ave
1512 11th Ave
WA 98122  Seattle

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