MEGA Taipei Pride 2019 台北遊行音樂節

⭐️Pink Power 粉紅力量 25th Oct. 22:00~04:00

⭐️Celebration 盛世同囍 26th Oct. 22:00~04:00

慶祝台灣同婚通過了,將更盛大舉行我們的同樂會,就在台北遊行週 #MEGATPE2019


不用多說 the WOW 絕對給你好音樂!



This Taipei Pride weekend come join MEGA Taipei Pride brought to you by theWOW Entertainment packed with internationally renowned DJ'S.

Micky Friedmann and Suri are ready to shake up your world. Our hot and dynamic gogo dancers will bring you some never before seen shows you won't want to miss. Our brand new venue is the perfect place to mingle and flirt and rave and share your love.

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『Pink Power』 HOTTEST DJ Line up

SURI (Spain)

MING (Taiwan)

THOMAS (Singapore)

『Celebration』 HOTTEST DJ Line up

Micky Friedmann (Forever Tel Aviv)

Cory (Taiwan)

Zackiss (Shanghai)


主場派對第一天的主題 “Pink Power” 粉紅力量,慶祝台灣成為同志婚姻合法,讓世界看見我們的力量,在這一天讓我們一起Pink Up!!!

人氣爆表 DJ SURI 強勢登台!超強實力及頗具個人魅力的SURI,有他在的地方絕對現場氣氛勢不可擋,所以也是國際大趴愛用的天王級DJ,今年的台北遊行,就讓我們跟SURI一起嗨翻全場。

主場派對第二天的主題 “Celebration” 盛世之囍,在台灣的10月,充滿了慶祝的喜悅,讓我們以辦喜宴的心態,歡迎海內外的所有朋友一同與我們祝福!這一天請穿上台灣傳統喜氣的紅色,與我們一同狂歡!

這一天的王牌DJ,重金邀請到Micky Friedmann這位天王級的製作人,他也是今年紐約最大趴 Masterbeat 的壓軸主秀,更是 Forever Tel Aviv 的王牌,暌違許久終於再度重磅登台!

First day MAIN PARTY theme "Pink Power", celebrating the legalization of same-sex marriage, and let the whole world see the power that we posses, PINK UP!

Cherish the thy proud moment, lets meet up during theWOW Taipei Pride!

Boasting great talents and a huge follower crowd, DJ SURI is the most sought after DJ in the world gay circuit scene. Let's dance the night away this festival with his uplifting music.

The 2nd day MAIN PARTY theme is "Celebration". The traditional wedding and festival colour in Taiwanese culture is red. We kindly ask everybody to wear the colour red to join Micky Friedman and rave in his music. Micky was the headliner of Masterbeat NYC 2019 and Forever Tel Aviv. It's been a long time since he last visited Taiwan. You won't want to miss his show again this year.

メインパーティのDAY1 テーマは“Pink Power”、同性婚合法化へのお祝いイベントで世界の人々に俺らのパワー見せてこの特別な日に一緒に“Pink Up”

超人気のDJ SURIが台湾登場!実力派で魅力的な彼が出演するイベントは生で体験できる感動は一度でやみつき。世界多国の有名フェスイベント重役DJでも務む彼と、今年の台北パレードで一緒に盛り上がろぜ!


この日のエースDJ、超ヘビー級でカリスマのプロデューサーでも有名なMicky Friedmannを招待しました。今年ニューヨークで最大のMasterbeatのメインショーに、Forever Tel Avivの本命でもあり、待ちに待ったファンの皆さん、Micky Friedmannは再び台湾に降臨!

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