B:east PARTY PRIDE / CSD XXL /w . Pagano&Westbam

✿✿✿B:EAST BERLIN B:east Berlin PRIDE / CSD XXL ✿✿Special w/ Pagano✿✿/✿✿✿

Being who we are is a never-ending fight. We are often not allowed to have the love we desire, to embody the identity we host, to live the future we plan. Our struggling either pushes us to repress our SELVES or to fight through our own way. Last year, the same-sex marriage was historically approved in Germany, as a good example of that.

And now, what are the needs of LGBTQI people?

This question does not have an unique answer or an unique form. We from Polygon believe that people should be free to find out what to ask and build their own living answer in the grounds of respect, empathy, and diversity. Our daily mission is to build a safe, open, and poliminded environment where everyone can take this quest together and bond with other sexy humans worldwide. This takes place in a sophisticated structure filled with vibrant music to interact, dance, drink, fuck, create good memories, and, of course, party the fuck up!!!

Being a LGBTQI is always a matter of resistence, which means that is extremly important to reinforce our own existence. Come to celebrate pride with us at Polygon and make your unique presence as an opportunity to express the diversity of Berlin. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, intersexes, agenders, cisgenders, asexuals, drag queens, heterosexuals, non-binaries, and all fairies of the rainbow, come party hard at our dance floor and our open-air garden <3 <3 <3

Get a follow up of the DJ ́s that will play through the pride weekend:

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Very Special Guest Dj tbc

► Westbam


►Alan Oldham Music(bpitch)

►Lady Blacktronika

►Rony Golding (B:EAST)

►Gavio(Casetta Records/King Street)

►Ptoile (FemaleCut Italia, Girl Scout/ Berlin)

►Brett Knacksen(B:EAST)

►Sarah Wild(B:EAST)


► Yosh Houzer Dj

and Special Guest

Tante Renate

Don’t forget that B:EAST BERLIN and REVOLVER PARTY will be in the CSD parade with our own truck (nº 59), the last one from the Parade! The start point is on Kudamm at 12:00 until 18:00 ending at Siegesäule. We want to share this whole pride day with you!

We are going to be also on the CSD parade in Hamburg with the B:east and REVOLVER truck.

Let’s party up in the two of gayest cities in Germany! Success guaranteed 


Polygon Club & Garden

Wiesenweg 1-4

10365 Berlin

S-U Bahn Frankfurter Alle & S-Bahn Ostkreuz

Tram 21 Neue Bahnhofstr.

Organizzato da B:EAST

Quando ?

Sab 28 luglio 2018 22:00-10:00

Dove ?

Polygon Club
Wiesenweg 1 - 4
10365  Berlino
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