Gay Men's Dance Company (GMDC)

The Gay Men’s Dance Company (GMDC) offers a creative outlet for gay men; a place to express yourself in a safe and supportive environment while keeping fit, socialising and learning to dance.

The point of these classes is not to become a professional dancer, it’s about gaining confidence in moving, improving rhythm and co-ordination, increasing general fitness, meeting new people and all while having fun! It’s been scientifically proven that activities with a partner or group helps achieve goals and targets faster, and is a more enjoyable way of exercising. But The GMDC is more than just dance classes, we regularly socialise and plan lots of different excursions and events.

These classes are suitable for men of any age (over 18), height, weight, dance and fitness ability or background. They should work alongside and compliment any current fitness and exercise regime.


About the Classes

The classes will include an aerobic dance warm-up, strengthening exercises and a strong focus on stretching and increasing flexibility. You will learn dance technique and travelling exercises including leaps, kicks and turns and every class ends with a dance routine. Classes will be based around modern, ‘Jazz’ styles; Street, Commercial, Hip-hop, Technical, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Disco etc. but also drawing from the strengths and relevant aspects of other dance forms like Contemporary, Latin and Ballet technique as well as Yoga, fitness classes, Zumba and Gymnastics to create a fusion of exercises and movements best suited for members goals.

How to Join

You book for a full term of classes, (approximately 12 weeks).

For up to date information on times and locations please contact me at

Spaces are limited!

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Gay Men's Dance Company (GMDC)


Gay Men's Dance Company (GMDC)


Contacter Gay Men's Dance Company (GMDC)