Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

The Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (DGLFF) was succesfully held in 2011 and 2012 at the KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts (KZNSA) Gallery in Durban, South Africa. The festival was conceived and is organised by festival director Jason Fiddler. Proceeds from the project benefit both the KZNSA and the KwaZulu-Natal Gay & Lesbian Tourism Association (KZNGALTA), respectively.

As an independent platform for filmmakers from South Africa and across the world to specifically deal with issues relating to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Intersexed (LGBTI) community, the DGLFF will showcase new and innovative motion pictures, documentaries, shorts and related productions whilst conducting workshops, debates and talks on past LGBTI movies, productions processes, film writing and how the visual medium affects and is affected by the pink community across the world.

Special emphasis is placed on Durban and KwaZulu-Natal filmmakers, especially those that deal with human rights and issues of human sexuality in their work. This will not exclude by any means individuals and stories from mainstream cinema, but will allow the LGBTI community to celebrate and explore ideas, concepts and tales of resonating interest with them.

Talent discovery and skills developent have been hallmarks of many international film festivals and the DGLFF will endeavour to work with experienced hands to help nurture and provide opportunity to young filmmakers, allowing them to gain exposure, network with with producers, directors and writers and ultimately gain confidence to take flight.

The festival is unique in Durban, hosting friends and colleagues from across South Africa and globally, with a shared interest in LGBTI issues and pink product development. The festival will also seek to create a reputation for launching LGBTI themed motion pictures to the South African LGBTI public.

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