Orlando Gay Chorus

The Orlando Gay Chorus (OGC) was founded on Valentine's Day, 1990, and the Central Florida community truly has taken the organization to heart. This all-volunteer, non-profit arts and humanitarian organization began with just 39 members, initial cases of the jitters and a powerful mission and vision to use music to change images and attitudes, build a stronger community and make the world a better place. The men and women of OGC believe that their music can affirm and change the lives of those who hear them. Their musical artistry speaks directly to the pride in themselves and offers the world a chance to see beyond headlines, contentious social issues and build bridges of understanding and love.

OGC is funded in part by United Arts of Central Florida, Inc., along with the generosity of corporate sponsors and local donors. They've performed locally, statewide, nationally and internationally before audiences of up to 10,000 enthusiastic patrons.

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Orlando Gay Chorus
PO Box 3103
FL 32802  Orlando

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