Floatilla #13

The 13th Annual Floatilla LGBT pride party on the water will take place on October 14th, Sunday. Historically about 15 Junk Boats and about 750 people take to the seas for a festival on the water. To participate you need to organise your own junk, or find someone who has organised a junk. A reminder there is no organiser and Floatilla simply provide you the date and the location. So jump aboard, get your boat, give it a good theme, grab your friends, and load the beer and the food and we'll see you at this year's FLOATILLA-13

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Quand ?

Dim. 14 octobre 2018 de 10h00 à 18h00

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Floatilla Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Floatilla #14 à Hong Kong le dim.  6 octobre 2019 à 10h00 (Croisière Gay)
Floatilla #14
Croisière / Gay  

Dim. 6 octobre 2019 à 10h00
Hong Kong (Hong Kong)


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