Woof Bear Pride 2019

DADDi Europe x Woof Luxembourg

For the Bear Pride Luxembourg 2019, we are inviting DADDi® Europe to come in Luxembourg for our men-only party.

Bear Pride Luxembourg 2019 official event

Teaming up with Bear Dukes Luxembourg, we'll host their final step of Mr bear Luxembourg 2020 election before the party.

Then, with 2 new performers : Paco & Igor for a sexy show, and with the help of Hugo Jarocki & Dj José Sanchez, we'll gonna make you dance, cruse, drink, meet new people and have a great night with us.

Entry 18€ at doors. Presales online available starting at 13€. Weekend packs available later at bears.lu/bearpride

Adult only • men only (as long as you're identifying to men and follow the dress code, we're good)

closest bus stop: gare centrale, then 5min‍♂️walking

️ Parking in the street is very limited (<10 spots) so better go to CFL garage or P+R bouillon.

Smoking area inside of the club, all exits will be final.

Party will be recorded and pictures will be taken. Ask the "no picture badge" at the entrance if you need one.

Organisé par Bear Dukes Luxembourg

Quand ?

Sam. 19 octobre 2019 à 23h00

Ou ?

The Room
1, Rue Joseph Heinitz
1720  Luxembourg
Infoweb : woofmenonly.com

Combien ?

18,00  / 0,00 

The Room
1, Rue Joseph Heinitz
1720  Luxembourg

Contacter Bear Dukes Luxembourg