Luxembourg BEAR PRIDE 2018

For the 3rd year now we are celebrating Bears and their lovers in Luxembourg (and abroad) with this Bear Pride Weekend. This edition we tried really hard to renew most of the things.

That's why Saturday you'll have time to discover the city and do some shopping in our partner's store with offers for the weekend pass owners. We also have Bear Sauna in 3 differents places and countries so you have no excuse to not attends. The city tour will be held by our favorite local bearded artist and the election will see a jury for the first year !

Friday 5th October

18h • Bear Meet & Greet. The perfect time to get your weekend bracelet in exchange for your pre-sales.

22h • Mr. Bear 2019 Election night at Mercury. Come to elect Mr Bear Luxembourg 2018 and enjoy the music. Entry will finance the new Mr Bear visit to other countries.

Saturday 6th October

23h • Woof Bear Pride LU 2018 at Spot 48. The well known men-only bears & fetish party come with a special edition for the Bear Pride Luxembourg.

Sunday 7th October

13h • City tour with Jacques Schneider. Meeting point at Kritzel Fabrik Jacques Schneider

16h • Bear Sauna at Zenhit, RED Sauna and XL Sauna & Lounge !

Get your entire weekend access including the Election night + woof + sauna + goodies + discount to our partners for 40€. Follow the "Ticket" link of the event.

Organisé par Bear Dukes Luxembourg

Quand ?

Du 5 au 7 octobre 2018

Ou ?

Infoweb :
Woof men-only party Bear Pride 2018 LU à Luxembourg le sam.  6 octobre 2018 de 23h00 à 05h00 (Clubbing Gay, Bear, Trans, Bi)
Woof men-only party Bear Pride 2018 LU
Clubbing / Gay, Bear, Trans, Bi  

Sam. 6 octobre 2018 de 23h00 à 05h00
Spot48 (Luxembourg)

Banana Wash à Luxembourg le sam. 20 octobre 2018 de 22h00 à 05h00 (Clubbing Gay, Lesbienne, Hétéro Friendly, Bear, Trans, Bi)
Banana Wash
Clubbing / Gay, Lesbienne, Hétéro Frie... 10,00 €

Sam. 20 octobre 2018 de 22h00 à 05h00
Mercury (Luxembourg)

Woof Men-Only Featuring Gorillas à Luxembourg le sam. 16 mars 2019 de 23h00 à 05h00 (Clubbing Gay, Bear)
Woof Men-Only Featuring Gorillas
Clubbing / Gay, Bear 15,00 €

Sam. 16 mars 2019 de 23h00 à 05h00
Spot 48 (Luxembourg)

Woof Bear Pride 2019 à Luxembourg le sam. 19 octobre 2019 à 23h00 (Clubbing Gay, Bear)
Woof Bear Pride 2019
Clubbing / Gay, Bear  

Sam. 19 octobre 2019 à 23h00
Spot 48 (Luxembourg)


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