Mutt Monday

Mutt Mondays are when the the pups and handlers get to take over the famous Atlanta Eagle. Starting January 21st, on the first Monday of each month we have a combo education/training session and mosh session, and on the third Monday of each month we just pup out, mosh, and play.

on both days, the fun begins at 7:30pm and continues until the bar closes. This is a great way to help us socialize more often, develop new friends, learn something new, and just let your inner pup out to relieve some stress. Feel free to wear your gear and express your inner pup or handler, or just come in your street clothes.

If you plan on being in the mosh area please remember to dress appropriately(no shoes, knee pads and gloves encouraged, nothing sharp or metal) so that you don't hurt yourself or any of the other pups. For those that have not had the wonderment that is moshing and are scared please feel free to test the waters. There will be handlers and alphas around who will keep an eye out to make sure nobody gets too rough and to make sure everybody has fun!

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Lun. 15 juillet 2019 de 19h30 à 02h00

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