Bridge Club! at The Stud

Bridge Club: SF Edition

We're takin the ho on the road for a Golden Gate Bridge Club!!

The whole crew is together and we're taking control of The Stud all night til they kick us out.

We are thrilled to have original Bridge Club member Gossip Cat as our SPECIAL GUEST!


Special Guest:



Casual Aztec

Hold My Hand

Pocket Rock-It

Troubled Youth


Sat. January 27

The Stud

399 9th St

San Francisco, CA


$5 before 11 / $10 after


We are a queer collective based out of Portland OR. We've been throwing debaucherous daytime events and night time get togethers since 2012. We are committed to the dance floor as a transformative space where bodies and sound mix with art and community.


There are two steps leading up to the club at the entrance on Harrison near Gordon. There's a second entrance that is wheelchair accessible on the corner of Harrison and 9th. If you'd like to use this entrance, you can, at any time, ask the staff at the Gordon entrance to open it up. Or, if you'd rather, please feel free to reach out to us here and we can coordinate to make sure there's somebody stationed at the Ninth Street door for your arrival.

A ramp with a slight incline connects the dance floor and the main bar area. None of the bathrooms are gendered and there is one, larger single-use bathroom. However, none of the restrooms at the moment are equipped with handlebars. The Stud Collective is working to make their bathrooms more accessible in the near future, and we'll be sure and keep our party updated with those details.

Please, if this doesn't provide enough information for you or we've missed something, let us know. We'll get back to you ASAP and post any new info here.

Quand ?

Sam. 27 janvier 2018 de 22h00 à 04h00

Ou ?

399 9th Street
CA 94103  San Francisco
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