2019 Stonewall Archives Film Series

The Out Alliance and Image Out proudly presents the 2019 Stonewall Archive Film Series.

Film Descriptions Below:

January 9, 2019

1, Before Stonewall (87 min) Documentary

First Screening in Rochester

Pink Flamingos and Purple Hearts Convention, Aug. 30 – Sept.1, 1991

A clever and entertaining history of gay America, from the sexual experimentation of the Roaring Twenties to the scapegoating of homosexuals during the McCarthy era and the development of the gay rights movement. Narrated by Rta Mae Brown, includes interviews with poets Audre Lorde and Allen Ginsberg, author Ann Bannon and Harry Hay, plus a special appearance by Ronald Reagan!

Narrator: Rita Mae Brown

Co-Directors and Producers: Robert Rosenberg & Greta Schiller

Executive producer/Producer: John Scagliotti

March 13, 2019

2, Last Call At Mauds (77 min) Documentary

First Screening In Rochester

Second Annual Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 1994

From 1966 until 1989, Maud's was a San Francisco bar for women. Almost half the film sets the context leading to Maud's opening: lesbians discovering their sexual orientation and having few places to socialize; the foundation of the Daughters of Bilitis in 1955; the need for alternatives to gay (men's) bars, subject to police raids in the 1950s. So, Ricky Streicher opened Maud's: her goal was an honest, open, free place. Good times were on the rise until the late 1970s, then came Harvey Milk's assassination and AIDS. People drank less in the 1980s as well and had fewer casual affairs. Maud's closes, and patrons express great fondness for the place and its people.

Director: Paris Poirier


March 13, 2019

2. The Riverview: A Lesbian Place (22 min)

First Screening In Rochester

Second Annual Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 1994

A collection of memories of The Riverview, a gathering place for lesbians in Rochester during the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Producers: A Gang of Lesbians

May 8, 2019

3. Changing Our Minds:The story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker (75 min) Documentary

First Screening in Rochester

Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 1993

For lesbians and gay men our history is still an undiscovered country. In Changing Our Minds, director Richard Schmiechen (producer of academy Award-winning Times of Harvey Milk) brings to film the compelling historical story of the trailblazing psychologist whose research proved that homosexuality is not a mental illness. It is a powerful affecting drama, moving from the 1940s to present day, using archival footage and illuminating interviews.

Director: Richard Schmiechen

Writer: James Harrison


July 10, 2019

4. Black Is…Black Ain’t (89 min) Documentary

First Screening In Rochester

Third Annual Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 1995

BLACK IS...BLACK AIN'T, jumps into the middle of explosive debates over Black identity. White Americans have always stereotyped African Americans. But the rigid definitions of "Blackness" that African Americans impose on each other, Riggs claims, have also been devastating. Is there an essential Black identity? Is there a litmus test defining the real Black man and true Black woman?

While BLACK IS...BLACK AIN'T, rejoices in Black diversity, many speakers bare their pain at having been silenced or excluded because they were perceived as "not Black enough" or conversely "too Black." The film marshals a powerful critique of sexism, patriarchy, homophobia, colorism and cultural nationalism in the Black family, church and other Black institutions.

Director: Marion Riggs


September 11, 2019

5. Zero Patience (100 min) Musical

First Screening In Rochester

Second Annual Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 1994

With all the wit, impatience, precision and unpredictability of an ACT-UP zap, John Greyson has woven a tall tale of love and loss, sex and science, history and hysteria in the age of AIDS. A zany post-modern musical drawing from influences as diverse as Bertolt Brecht, Busby Berkeley, Michael Foucalt, and Barbra Streisand, Zero patience sings and dances its way through a gloriously queer expose’ of the greed, homophobia, and careerism underlying media and scientific responses to AIDS. – David McIntosh

Director: John Greyson

Writer: John Greyson


November 13, 2019

6. Grief (87 min) Comedy

First Screening in Rochester

Second Annual Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 1994

We spend a week in the L.A. offices where the daytime TV show "The Love Judge" is written and produced. Jo, the show's large and loud producer, announces she is leaving the show in two weeks. Paula (driven and on Prozac) and Mark (gay and moody) compete for Jo's job. Mark, coming onto the first anniversary of the death from AIDS of the love of his life, is attracted to Bill, who claims to be straight. Meanwhile, Jeremy, a close friend of Mark's, is putting the moves on Bill. Leslie, Jo's overworked assistant, tells Mark she wants to be a writer (she even has a script written). How these relationships that combine work and friendship play out is the movie's subject.

Director: Richard Glatzer

Writer: Richeard Glatzer


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