BACIO,意為義大利文中的「吻」,而「吻」則是世界通用的愛的語言。我們希望能打造一個充滿愛的舒適環境,讓所有踏進BACIO TAIPEI大門的人們都能感到輕鬆自在、盡情做自己。無論是下班後與三五好友的小酌、重要日子的狂歡慶祝、或是週末需要的舒壓放鬆,我們都會用最溫暖的笑容及最精緻的口味陪您度過最溫暖愉悅的夜晚。

BACIO is the Italian word for ‘kiss,’ and kisses are the international language of love. We hope to create an environment full of love that anyone who steps into the doors of BACIO TAIPEI can be relaxed and comfortable to be who they truly are. Whether you are here after work for a chat with friends, or to celebrate an important day, or simply need to take the edge off on the weekends, we will serve you with the warmest hospitality and above-standard recipes to make your night wholly enjoyable.


106  Taipei