New Orleans Pride

New Orleans Pride fully embraces the message of visibility of all communities in our mission to celebrate and promote history along with future prosperity of not only the New Orleans area, but the entire Gulf Coast Region. We are using public awareness and education about the LGBT community as a way to combat “phobias” and discrimination. These programs, seminars, and events leading up to, and during Pride weekend, are meant to include individuals from all walks of life.

New Orleans Pride's objectives are to create an atmosphere in the Gulf Coast Region, where everyone can feel comfortable, safe and respected. It’s time to stop segregation. New Orleans Pride is trying to create unity in all communities, bringing together the straight and homosexual communities.

New Orleans Pride Festival is composed of a weekend of events that are centered around the LGBT Community of New Orleans and its allies. Fundraisers are hosted at various LGBT friendly locations in South Louisiana and Mississippi throughout the year. New Orleans Pride raises money for two reasons. First, funds are raised to put on the Pride Weekend Festival for the LGBT Community of New Orleans. Second, funds are raised for education in the community. New Orleans Pride focuses on Anti-Bullying and Anti- Discrimination in the school systems, as well as other LGBT issues. Pride makes a yearly donation to other New Orleans non -profit organizations.

New Orleans Pride is a 501c3 Organization and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law


New Orleans Pride

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