Zebra Coalition

The Zebra Coalition was established in response to the growing number of LGBT+ youth who are experiencing homelessness, bullying, extreme physical and sexual abuse, isolation from their families and a wide range of life challenges or setbacks.

The Zebra Coalition is a very unique organization comprised of service groups, government agencies, social service providers, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Each of these organizations is able to provide essential services in various ways for LGBT+ youth at risk or in need of a safe haven. This includes temporary or emergency shelter, counseling services, emotional or spiritual guidance, substance abuse treatment and basic necessities of food, clothing and medical services, as well as other important resources.

The Zebra Coalition became operational in 2011. Within the first few months of in-taking LGBT+ youth, the program has dealt with significant issues encountered by this group of young people - relating to homelessness, physical and sexual abuse, bullying, substance abuse, and parental abandonment.

The Zebra Coalition meets an otherwise unmet need in most communities, targeting a heretofore “under the radar” group of young people. There is no question about the ability to make a difference in the lives of LGBT+ youth, but only with organized resources and activism fostered by the Zebra Coalition.

The Zebra Coalition is the only organization in Central Florida that can provide a full continuum of services to LGBT+ youth.


Zebra Coalition
911 N Mills Ave
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