Trombeta Bath

It is located in Bairro Alto, very close to the gay scene in Bairro. Trombeta Bath is probably the best sauna in Lisbon. It has a very clean and modern feel. As you go in, there is a small shopping area where you can get several goodies, including the calendar and t-shirts of Lisbon's gay-friendly Rugby (Dark Horses) and Volley (BJWHF) teams. They make a nice souvenir of Lisbon and you'll be supporting the boys.

Trombeta offers all of the sauna basics plus free WiFi and iPads

The sauna itself occupies a large single-level underground area and it includes the following sections: plenty of lockers; a bar area; porn-cinema; a large steam-room; a sauna; loads of cabins; and several dark cruising areas. In the bar area, there is music, TV, international newspapers and even iPads. You can also check your email and Facebook on your smartphone as Trombeta Bath offers free WiFi. Trombeta Bath is frequented by many hot portuguese masculine men. It is also popular with tourists.


Trombeta Bath
Rua do Trombeta, 1C
1200-471  Lisbon


Metro Baixa-Chiado (Chiado)

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