Prism Bootcamp Montreal Edition

LOVE FESTIVAL présente PRISM BOOTCAMP le vendredi 17 août au légendaire Club Soda avec le DJ Circuit international BEN BAKSON et l’unique Stéphane Lippe de Montréal. LOVE FESTIVAL - Montréal Canada . Passes weekend et billets pour Bootcamp en vente maintenant !

LOVE FESTIVAL presents Prism's BOOTCAMP -- Montreal Edition .

We are so thrilled to debut one of our most iconic events as part of LOVE FESTIVAL . Get your military looks together for what will be a legendary night of uniforms , sexy beats and unadultarated dancing .

Making his Montreal debut - DJ Ben Bakson - Berlin

Montreal legend - Stéfane Lippé

Hot Gogo boys , major production plus surprise performnces .

Love Festival

Hosted by Prism


Fri, August 17, 2018 from 10:00 pm to 03:00 am


Club Soda
1225 St-Laurent
QC H2X 2S6  Montreal

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