Revolver PARTY ★ 4th Annual Black & Blue Ball!

REVOLVER PARTY ★ 4th Annual Black & Blue Ball

The team of Berlin's hottest party invites you to the massive 4th BLACK & BLUE BALL and we are again the official Folsom Europe Opening Event. At Berlin's Easter and Folsom Weekend in 2014, 2015 , 2016 and in 2017 REVOLVER rocked with a more than 2000 people strong crowd of Leather hunks, Skinheads, sports guys and everything in between.

We have planned a fully charged program with sexy shows, monster DJ line up, 4 dance floors and a pool chill out area. Expect Hot and Horny action where everything is possible but nothing is a must. Dancing with Berlin's and Europe's best DJ's, Cruising with Berlin's HOTTEST Men and socialising in one of Berlin's most famous venue, The Kit-Kat-Club. Looking forward to see you all Boyz, Men, Pigs, Masters & Slaves! #BANGBANGBANG! ♥

══════ DJ LINE UP: ══════


══════ OUR FAMOUS HOSTS: ══════

★ Elia Estavillo (From Dispo to Disco.)

★ Oshri (Tel Aviv's Shining Star)

★ Maria Psycho LIVE (Ficki Ficki Aua Aua!)

══════ ABOUT REVOLVER: ══════

Established in London in 2009 by DJ Oliver M and some very successful tours in Paris (with Lady Gaga's first ever Europe performance), Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and NYC. In 2014 successfully relaunched by Oliver and his partner Gary as a monthly event in Berlin, on the 2nd Friday of each month, we are hosting the best local/international DJs and unique performers from the International gay underground scene on the main floor and also in the B:EAST room where you will experience even harder International techno music.

══════ VENUE: ══════

Our venue for Revolver Party Berlin is the infamous and beloved KitKat Club, the location of both the “Hustlaball Berlin” and Berlin's clubbing institution “Piepshow”. Please note that REVOLVER is a majority gay night with everyone is welcome with no dress code. AND: The Coat-check is free at our party.

══════ PARTNERS: ══════

ROB Berlin (Europe's biggest leather designer)

GEAR Berlin ( Berlin's No. 1 fetish store)

SLING KING (Berlin's No. 1 Slings and toys store)

From Dispo to Disco. (by Elia Estavillo)

BARCODE Berlin - Check out our Revolver Clothing:

BEEF Party Tel Aviv

Belgium Leather Pride


══════ SUMMARY: ══════

REVOLVER PARTY ★ 4th Annual Black & Blue Ball!

Friday, 7. September 2018

23:00 till OPEN END!


U8 Heinrich-Heine-Str

Koepenicker Strasse 76

10179 Berlin Mitte


Hosted by Revolver Party


Fri, September 7, 2018 from 11:00 pm to 10:00 am


Köpenicker Straße 76
10179  Berlin
HustlaBall Berlin 2018 in Berlin le Fri, October 19, 2018 from 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm (Clubbing Gay)
HustlaBall Berlin 2018
Clubbing / Gay  

Fri, October 19, 2018 from 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm
KitKat Club (Berlin)


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