Cyprus Pride

We are an organization that consists of and is addressed to people regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic, cultural or religious affiliation, language, physical or other characteristics and we demand the acceptance and support of LGBT people and the elimination of all discrimination against the LGBT community in Cyprus.

Our aims are:

• to inform and educate the Cyprus society on sexual orientation issues

• to prevent and eliminate the development of homophobic tendencies, the safeguarding of a pluralist environment and its incorporation in the wider society

• to sensitize the society on LGBT issues, with emphasis on youth

• to support and encourage LGBT people as well as communicate and inform

• to claim basic rights for the elimination of prejudice and discrimination and to strengthen the principle of equality

• to cooperate with local, regional and international organizations that are involved with the elimination of discrimination and to promote the principle of equality, particularly as regards sexual orientation

• to promote research and studies regarding issues that deal with the aims of the organization

• to participate in conferences and other events regarding the selection, development and advancement of ideas and measures in the field of human rights, particularly in regard to sexual orientation

• to organize speeches, seminars and other events towards the information and education of society and organized bodies for the aims of the organization

• to promote the application of policies, legislation, programmes and initiatives of the EU and the Council of Europe regarding the elimination of discrimination, particularly in regard to sexual orientation

• to promote the recognition of same-sex relationships, of adoption by same-sex couples and all the rights and privileges that same-sex couples should enjoy

The organization accepts as members any person residing in Cyprus that has completed the age of 18.

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Cyprus Pride
P.O.Box 25561
1301  Nicosia
Telefon: +357 99 812343

Cyprus Pride
P.O.Box 25561
1301  Nicosia

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