3rd Annual Venus Awards - Singing Competition

Third Annual Singing competition - the Venus Awards!

First place: $200

Second place: $100

Third place: $50

Registration, rules, regulations, and other details forthcoming.

-Karaoke, opera, jazz - all styles are welcomed and encouraged

-Cannot be union, professional (make over $200 per hour singing) or have sung a lead or secondary role at A-level opera houses in the last 2 years.

-Music should be memorized for Finals on 11/13/19 (song knowledge is part of the judging criteria)

-Must be 21 and over with Valid ID through 12/20/19.

-Must be able to sing in preliminaries 11/6/19, finals 11/13/19, and during the Best of 2019 on 12/19/19. UPDATE: NO LONGER REQUIRED TO SING AT 12/19/19 EVENT AS IT HAS MOVED TO 12/20-12/21 AND WE ARE ASKING WINNERS IF THEY ARE ABLE TO MAKE 12/20 OR 12/21.

-Prize money will be given 50% upfront after winning, and then 50% on 12/19/19 during the Best of 2019. UPDATE: PRIZE MONEY STILL AVAILABLE ON 12/19/19 BUT WE'D LIKE YOU TO COME ON 12/20 OR 12/21 INSTEAD TO RECEIVE AND PERFORM IF YOU ARE A WINNER.

-Style, pitch, interpretation, presentation, quality of sound, song knowledge, etc. will all be considered.

Head judge for this competition will be Renato Estacio-Burdick



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Mi 13. November, 2019 19.00 bis 23.00

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8900 Central Ave SE
NM 87123  Albuquerque

Sidewinders Bar
8900 Central Ave SE
NM 87123  Albuquerque


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Central Ave Bus Stop

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