Intelligent Trees Fundraiser

Society for the Protection of Western Springs Forest Inc.


Intelligent Trees Documentary Screening $35

This fundraiser is organised by the founding members of the Society who are challenging the resource consent approved by Auckland Council to fell the Monterey pines and in the process destroying the 50+-year old regenerating native bush underneath.

Trees talk, know their family ties and care for their young! Is this too fantastic to be true? and scientist Suzanne Simard have been observing and investigating the communication between trees for decades. Their findings are astounding.

'Intelligent Trees' features the main observations from German forester Peter Wohlleben's book 'The Hidden Life of Trees', such as the stump that has been kept alive by it's neighboring trees, the old tree-couple that looks after each other and the Mother Trees that suckle their offspring.

Preceded by a BBC animation World Wide Wood.

And we wrap up with a chat to lawyer Wendy Gray, one of the founders of the SPWSF, about the complexities of the resource management act in relation to saving trees. Interviewed by Verity George.

Join us to find out what it’s all about and save the forest by contributing to Environment Court costs.

Food and wine available

85 Garnet Rd, Westmere

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So 18. August, 2019 17.00 bis 20.00

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85 Garnet Road
1022  Auckland
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