Fuck Your Gender [Happy Birthday]

Happy Birthday NLA, Happy Birthday FYG. Don't bring presents, bring your own magical selves. Tell your friends.

The Nipple Liberation Army invite all queer feminists of every gender and sexuality whose nipples crave club liberation to F*CK YOUR GENDER.

Trans women and queer cis women, non binary people and trans people, the Nipple Liberation Army especially welcome your nipples.

Come early for queer performative stations and stay late for the dark room. Dance and bring your own toys.

????there will be nipple cakes and a vulva photo booth.


Untertage Club

Mehringdamm 32, 10961 Berlin




€14 - Schnupperpreis/testing the waters

€10 - Nipple Liberation [dress code] and fetish outfits


We curated a set of dark and heavy beats with sprinkles of funk, vivid colours and orientals.

Ipek Ipekcioglu [female:pressure]

Annie O [KitKatClub]

c l a r i s s e [Strictly Forbidden / DVTN]


We encourage you to take pride in your nipples and liberate them at the party. We enjoy all bodies. And hey cis-males, please, there are more creative ways of showing nipples than just being topless- ask your feminist friends and show some effort.

#queerfeminist #party #darkroom #techno #house #sexpositive #berlin #clubculture #freethenipple #nippleliberation

Come, dance and liberate your nipples with us. Feel free to bring your own toys. Explore our hidden interactive performative stations and darkoom. All gender party.

We will try out an FLTI* friendly dark room this time.


One darkroom becomes a photostudio and will be lit for two hours.

It will serve for a liberate your VULVA* (& CO.*) - Portrait -Shooting!

The photographer provides you with different theatre make up, so you can style your genital with different kind of skin friendly colours.

The shooting will cost you nothing, Claudia Brijbag, the photographer just wants that you give her the permission to show/publish your vulva for her art project (exhibitions/online) of course anonymously. She wants to exhibit as many vulvas as possible to show the whole beautiful variety of vulvas.

The Photographer: Claudia Brijbag is an experienced photographer and she already startet the art project of a series of different kind of genitals years ago. Her goal is to show the variety and „design“ of the different vulvas and dicks and all in between.

You can see her work on this project here on her website:

claudiabrijbag.de/project_xx-xy-yx (picture cannot be shown cause of FB bans)

So be part of an amazing vulva art gallery. She will take highly professional pictures with an artistic content. And your anonymity is guaranteed.

Let´s celebrate our humynhood and be proud of our beautiful pussies.

The pictures will be exhibited (projection on a wall) later at party.

see samples of her ART and sculptures at ~ ({i})_celebrate your pussy_({i}) ~ folder


The other stations are surprises, as always<3

Explore your homoflexible curiosities and dance.

Explore your queer desires and dance.

Explore, dance and play with us.

<3 Let's show the world some queer magic once more! <3

Wenn ?

Fr 13. September, 2019 23.00 bis 07.30

Wo ?

Mehringdamm 32
10961  Berlin
Fuck Your Gender [Happy Birthday] in Berlin le Sa 14. September, 2019 23.00 bis 08.00 (Clubbing Gay)
Fuck Your Gender [Happy Birthday]
Clubbing / Gay  

Sa 14. September, 2019 23.00 bis 08.00
Untertage (Berlin)


Mehringdamm 32
10961  Berlin

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